18 Clichés That Sum Up Better Than A Thousand Words All The Wonders That Mother Nature Can Offer Us.

In front of certain natural spectacles, it is really difficult to remain indifferent. We sometimes have the impression that our planet, even if we are often unaware of it, conceals wonders that make us feel part of a sensational whole.

Whether it is a majestic landscape or a small animal, Mother Nature is a true container of wonders, able to create scenes worthy of the best films with the best special effects. You don’t have to travel to remote places to realize this – sometimes you just need to sharpen your eyesight a bit and spot details that you might have missed in the rush of everyday life. Evidenced by the 18 photos we have collected below: amazing images shared on the web by people who wanted to show everyone what they found. Hold on tight, for you are about to take an exciting journey through the wonders of nature!

#1. A work of art or a simple tree?

image credit: Jay-Moore/reddit

It is a magnificent maple, 100% real, located in Japan and immortalized in all its splendid explosion of colors!

#2. A natural spectacle that speaks for itself.

image credit: dheera/reddit

Each element of this photo is capable of making us dream …

#3. Don’t just call it a grasshopper.

image credit: dosangst/reddit

With these colors, this insect is much more original than its fellows …

#4. Did you ever think that a mushroom could have this color?

image credit: IRiseUpLikeAPhoenix/reddit

#5. Saturn or the Moon?

image credit: reddit

The answer is yours: in the meantime, one can only be enchanted by such beauty!

#6. A tree with a great desire to grow and survive

image credit: unnaturalorder/reddit

An exemplary creature for us humans.

#7. Doesn’t that make you want to dive into those traces of sand?

image credit: reddit

#8. Who said bees are only yellow and brown?

image credit: Kelly240361/reddit

This one is blue, and it is really original!

#9. A canyon in the middle of majestic basalt columns … this is Iceland!

image credit: EnigmaQQ/reddit

#10. Look at the color and shades of this malachite!

image credit: reddit

Beautiful, isn’t it?

#11. Difficult to find a more northern scene than this ….

image credit: Evaleenora/reddit

Northern lights, reindeer, snowy expanses … all that’s missing is Santa Claus!

#12. Even a crow can teach us a wonderful lesson in caring for the environment.

image credit: KrissiKross/reddit

Yes, you saw that right: this bird really threw a plastic bottle in the trash!

#13. It is difficult to imagine a more perfect landscape than this.

image credit: PerspectiveFriendly/reddit

All the nuances in the right place and a feeling of tranquility that is difficult to describe in words …

#14. A very unusual insect, to say the least!

image credit: fissionman1/reddit

It is a giraffe weevil, a beetle endemic to Madagascar, with a “neck” that makes it truly unique!

#15. Beautiful flowers in the middle of a barren desert: Mother Nature is also capable of this …

image credit: unnaturalorder/reddit

#16. You look out the window and find … this scene.

image credit: reddit

Mother owl and her babies!

#17. A capybara with his small group of friends.

image credit: reddit

Some animals really know how to give us nice little lessons in mutual tolerance, don’t they?

#18. Shizuoka, Japan: a cliché that needs no other words.

image credit: Kris19275/reddit

Have you ever been lucky enough to find yourself in front of natural shows like these?

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