17 photos showing incredible places and moments

Not even fairy tales can compete with the real world, which is full of magical places and offers unforgettable experiences. Our planet hides exuberant beauties: pink lagoons, rainbows of sand, percussionists performing precise movements, the volcano and the sky in full harmony… there is no shortage of things to explore!

At Find Out Something We couldn’t wait to share with you an incredible selection of images that reveal beauties that exist all over the world. Make sure to check it out and take advantage of the two bonuses at the bottom of the page!

#1. Contemplate the power of the wave… but don’t forget to take a good photo!

#2. Air bubble under water. It’s so beautiful it’s worth exploding

#3. A somewhat greedy crow seen by a hidden camera

#4. Chinese fisherman at work, while the wind makes his fishing nets “dance”

© sipacontest.com

#5. Life is like this during a polar vortex. Would you dare to experiment?

#6. The movements of a Japanese percussionist are precise and full of poetry.

© discovery / reddit

#7. This squirrel when seeing his own reflection in the water of a lake does not realize that he has just created a perfect image.

#8. A mackerel with its cavernous mouth wide open, using its gills to filter out zooplankton.

#9. Worker at the firewood collection known as joss. In Vietnam, its red color is a symbol of good luck and happiness.

© sipacontest.com

#10. This is the opinion that surfers have when they ride a wave.

#11. This incredible sunset in Poland looks more like a digital painting

#12. Romania is the country of contrasts. Literally

#13. A simple young man fighting for his life while a lizard fish tries to swallow his food

© Lilian Koh / National Geographic

#14. This colorful floating fair in Indonesia opens very early in the morning, gathering around 100 boats.

© sipacontest.com

#15. The frozen Lake Baikal, Russia, is covered in huge chunks of ice during the bitter winter.

#16. Rainbow Mountain, in Peru, reaches an altitude of 5,200 meters

© nickargiresphoto / reddit

#17. A Martian crater has 2,200 cubic kilometers of ice.

© ESA / DLR / FU Berlin / Wikimedia Commons

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