17 People Who Came Up With Genius Solutions To Problems

Some people get stuck in the face of a problem, others keep calm and start thinking, looking at the problem from a different angle, until a solution is found. Very often, the paths to take are too complex, we may not have the spare parts on hand, and for this reason we can only resort to creativity, to use the materials we have. at home to overcome the snag.

So here are 17 people who came up with genius solutions to problems .

1. The little dog corner

When you’re at the airport with your dog, if he has to relieve himself, that’s a problem. In this case, they have found a solution, here is the toilet for our four-legged friends.

2. When bigger pockets are needed

It may not be very elegant, but its pockets are certainly not full and it can carry whatever it wants.

3. A way to make your shoes bigger

“If you have new shoes that are a little too tight, roll up a damp washcloth and tuck it into the toe of your shoes. Put them in the freezer overnight. Expanding the frozen washcloth will widen the toe “.

4. Iron much faster

Simply hang the sweater up, then steam it to remove all the wrinkles.

5. Learn to play the guitar without making too much noise

“Cork coaster in the sound box to be able to play at night without waking the children”.

6. A stick and a tube of toothpaste

When you use toothpaste, there is always a little bit left at the bottom. Here is the solution to not leave a single drop.

7. Cut onions without shedding a tear

Onion is one of the vegetables that, when cut, releases substances that make the eyes water. This woman found the solution to not shed a single tear.

8. “It was so simple: all it took was a magnet.”

Eyebrow tweezers, scissors and nail clippers are easily lost items. Hanging them on a magnet is the solution to always knowing where they are.

9. “Drink your coffee right away, without having to prepare it.”

Just brew lots of coffee ahead of time, then freeze it in cubes, that way it’s always ready to drink.

10. He found a way to read while lying in bed.

No need to move your head from the pillow. Just lie on your side.

11. Sleeping on the beach is no longer a problem

“This man at the beach has a little lounge chair to rest his head on.”

12. A quick way to wash a lot of carrots

It certainly took him much less time than if he had to wash them by hand, one by one.

13. An alternative way to turn off the washing machine to prevent the whole house from flooding

“The only way to ensure that, during the spin cycle, the door of our washing machine remains closed”.

14. “Now she’s like new.”

The sole of his shoe had come off, and he found a convenient way to avoid buying a new pair.

15. If there is a hole in the wall, why plaster it, just hide it.

“I like to think of myself as a do-it-yourselfer. We had to pass the college dorm inspections, hiding the hole seemed like the quickest fix.”

16. Instead of throwing away the television, find a new use for it.

“I finally figured out how to use my old TV.”

17. An alternative to having your smartphone in the car

He used a flip-flop in a very smart way.

Have you ever found an alternative and unusual solution to solve a problem?

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