16 Useful And Ingenious Design Ideas That Simplify Many Daily Actions

Who said that brilliant ideas should always be designed for particular, futuristic or inaccessible contexts? Even our “simple” daily life is made up of challenges, gestures, situations and small and big problems that sometimes deserve ingenious solutions. Often, even a toilet, a water fountain or a traffic light can become so special that each of us can improve what we do every day . The talent of those who invented the objects that we are about to show you shows us this fully.

Sure, these designers didn’t design a spaceship or the latest AI device, but they certainly did many, many people a favor .

Have fun and be inspired by discovering the usefulness and creativity of these 16 awesome inventions!

1.WC-sinks that avoid wasting water!


2.These traffic lights in Ukraine cannot be misunderstood!


3.In Switzerland, looking at each of these pipes, you can see a different mountain up close!


4.A carpet to facilitate access to the beach even for people with reduced mobility


5.”If you touch this panel, you will also touch this bridge…”


6.This water fountain allows men and their four-legged friends to quench their thirst!


7.The designer of this piece of furniture divided the screws for the different stages of assembly…


8.Thanks to this special medicine box, the screen will tell you how long you have had it open!


9.To avoid waiting too long for the elevator, the button to make it arrive is just outside the door!


10.If your hands are busy, in this elevator you can select your floor by pressing the button… with your feet!


11.In Copenhagen, this bike path teaches children about traffic rules!


12.Bench or ramp? This special street furniture is both!


13.On this beach, if you pick up your trash, you’ll get a free coffee!


14.On this toothpaste, the ingredients are reported with incredible clarity!


15.If you’re worried about getting your hands dirty opening the bathroom door, you can do it with your feet in this restaurant!


16.A practical swing for adults and children!


What do you think ? Have you ever been in a situation where you needed these inventions?

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