16 Photos Of Tattoos That Make Those Who Look At Them And Those Who Wear Them Uncomfortable

When we look at a bad tattoo, our curiosity prompts us to ask ourselves a question: whose fault is it? Was the tattoo artist unable to create the design that the client wanted and imagined, or was it the client who came up with something weird and probably regretted it? We don’t always know the answer, but in some cases, we can make guesses.

These photos have taught us several things: the importance of relying on the hands of a professional without thinking about saving money, the importance of seeing the works of each tattoo artist, and the importance of being convinced of what we are going to do (and, why not, ask a friend for advice). And whether they are convinced of their choices or not, it cannot be denied that the sixteen people in these photos really have a lot of courage.

#1. On the left, the image the tattoo artist was supposed to recreate compared to the one he actually did: it doesn’t even look like a baby.

image credit: Myspass.de/facebook

#2. There is certainly no lack of a sense of humor, why not take advantage of this concentration of hair on the arm?

image credit: Tattoo fails gallery/facebook

#3. When you train your arms too little and your neck too little, this is the result: too bad it is not very pleasant to watch.

image credit: Richard Batey/facebook

#4. Were the imprecise lines, almost like those in a child’s drawing, intentional? No. The person wanted a realistic elephant.

image credit: Tattoo Please Mate/facebook

#5. This guy found out that his tattoo means “turkey sandwich” in Chinese. The tattoo artist must have been hungry.

image credit: imgur

#6. This tattoo has at least something positive: after all, the leg can easily be covered with pants.

image credit: Tattoo fails gallery/facebook

#7. Indeed, the toilet paper roll should never be forgotten: but was a permanent reminder necessary?

image credit: CarollynnTheComic/reddit

#8. On the left the sublime Marilyn Monroe and on the right a woman with a grimace on her face and roses, to embellish.

image credit: imgur

#9. The ex of the woman had her face tattooed in her memory: the result is unfortunately rather worrying.

image credit: imgur

#10. Tattooing faces faithfully is not easy, we know that. But how do you tattoo kids that look like something out of a horror movie?

image credit: samusxmetroid/reddit

#11. On the left, the idea: a cross, Italy and a lion. On the right, a cross, a miniature Italy without the islands and a grimace.

image credit: imgur

#12. Tinker Bell, usually so cute, has a strangely disturbing face here. And then, what is she looking at?

image credit: unicorn_for_lunch/reddit

#13. Here is what happens when you give the tattoo artist tasks that are too difficult: he looks like a wicked 4-eyed lion.

image credit: blindAUDI0/imgur

#14. He did the tattoo at 16 and the mistakes of his youth are always paid for: what is he supposed to symbolize?

image credit: imgur

#15. Even when the man is not looking at you, you are actually being watched. It is known that four eyes are always better than two.

image credit: shhphoenix/reddit

There are those who consciously decided to make bold choices and those who, on the contrary, found themselves having to cover the tattoo with shame, forever saluting the tattoo artist.

#16. A woman’s face has turned into a nightmarish face: who has the courage to look at it?

image credit: imgur

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