16 Incredible Pieces Made By Master Carpenters.

Working with wood is not an easy thing, on the contrary, doing it manually is very demanding and a great commitment is needed to obtain good results. Being a good carpenter requires a lot of effort in addition to the number of hours invested, the trade can be learned self-taught or with a teacher or expert.

Carpentry, for example, has become a popular activity or hobby among young people, however, it is an art from hundreds of years ago that has served to provide society with many products or things.

The following objects are useful but also decorative, in fact, they were made for that purpose, to have something nice to show off at home.

1.It’s amazing to know that this raccoon is made of individual pieces of wood.


2.“I used maple, cherry, and walnut wood to create this cutting board and it turned out great.”


3. “My wife wanted special dishes for our taco stand.”


4. “Wood Based Vinyl Player With Epoxy Resin Made By Me”

nicolehuntah1 / reddit

5. “I like to create cute little wooden houses”

Commander Amiga / pikabu

6. “I made a wooden figure of a manta ray.”

sdwoodwork / reddit

7. “Lots of cute wood-carved ghosts.”


8. “I quit my job to follow my vocation”

FlowEmbarrassed8807 / reddit

9. “My dad cut this beauty with a CNC laser machine and we really liked the result.”

shadowsusanoo / reddit

10. “It took me over 50 hours to create this wooden gift box.”

PlasticOceanFish / reddit

11. “I’ve finally completed my biggest project: a truck-shaped bed for my son.”

Pristine-Valuable-50 / reddit

12. Figure of a stingray made of natural wood, a very minimalist piece.

ceanwoodNZ / reddit

13. “It took me exactly 11 days to build this kennel for my dog.”


 14. The original table was made of ash wood.


15. It’s hard to believe this plant isn’t real, it’s made of 100% wood.

enufalrefe / reddit

16. To carve such a cool sculpture of Rocket from “Guardians of the Galaxy” you need to have an extraordinary talent.


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