16 Human-looking Houses That Seem To Be Looking At Us With The Strangest Expressions.

This is not the first time that we have looked at the concept of pareidolia. If you see faces everywhere, even in the most unexpected or inanimate objects or structures, you are certainly particularly predisposed to perceive this optical phenomenon. It is in fact a real illusion, which leads our brain to recognize known shapes, or precisely faces, in things which, on the contrary, have completely random appearances.

It is certain that the larger the object that we see with “human” characteristics, the more impressive it becomes. Think of a face as big … as the size of a house. Rather disconcerting, isn’t it? Everyone who took the photos we are about to show you know something about this. What is it about? You guessed it: houses with human features, which windows, doors, or architectural elements have helped to make smiling, sad, angry, or afraid, as the case may be. All, without a doubt, have in common the ability to stand out. Are you ready to find them out?

#1. Look at her: don’t you want to go inside?

image credit: SmyleZ-/reddit

This house, with its three small windows arranged in this way, is really happy and serene to see and welcome us!

#2. What could have happened to her that was so sad?

image credit: reddit

This building – probably a small church – seems so desperate that it cries hot tears from its “eyes”.

#3. Rather scary, with that expression on the facade, isn’t it?

image credit: Wayside, Connecticut/Facebook

It is truly impossible not to see a mouth and two eyes on the wall of this building: the similarities with a human face are obvious!

#4. Was it a coincidence or these windows were built on purpose?

image credit: soonerbornnbred/reddit

We come to wonder when we observe the roof of this house, which seems to be watching us with a rather peculiar expression …

#5. Looks like he’s saying “no, stay away from me!”

image credit: massimo_bragi / surrenders

Two round windows and the mouth (door) wide open: a really terrified building, who knows what he saw!

#6. A quiet and blissful smile

image credit: yungandreww/reddit

Despite the cracks, this house is the image of inner serenity …

#7. It looks like a simple little house, but maybe its roof tells us something else …

image credit: reddit

With this slit, it almost looks like a Cyclops!

#8. Sweet and smiling!

image credit: GutterLoveMusic/reddit

Look at it as a whole: doesn’t it arouse a feeling of sympathy?

#9. A very nice barn

image credit: 3-TRH-23/reddit

Even in the distance, this structure welcomes us with sympathy, perfect in its bucolic setting!

#10. She not only has a smiling mouth, but also has beautiful, well-groomed eyelashes.

image credit: objetoscomcara/Twitter

This little house seems like a sweet, smiling young lady, doesn’t it?

#11. Here we are at the limit of worrying.

image credit: reddit

Eyes, mouth wide open and even teeth! Would you live in a house like this?

#12. There is someone spying on us in the dark of night …

image credit: niamhysticks/reddit

When we say “even the walls have eyes”: this house is a practical representation!

#13. Two small eyes and two small teeth too

image credit: atter57000/reddit

Maybe it’s a “baby-house”? We don’t know, but she certainly knows how to get the attention of those who pass by!

#14. An addiction with an open mouth and a big eyebrow ….

image credit: Imgur

#15. Suspicious and cautious: almost intimidating for those who approach …

image credit: Imgur

With those “eyes” on the roof, this building really seems to be at attention.

#16. A great feast based on … swimming pool

image credit: cltidball/reddit

When perspective and objects seem to be doing all they can to confuse us: don’t you think the garage is about to “eat” the pool?

Have you ever seen houses with human features like these?

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