16 Extravagant Projects That Testify To The Great Imagination Of Those Who Made Them.

Great creativity is required when designing and carrying out projects. Often, even when you have no ideas, all you have to do is get to work and the intuition suddenly arrives. Some individuals have such a highly developed imagination that when faced with a problem, they are immediately able to come up with an alternative solution, often using only items found around the house.

Here are 16 extravagant projects that show a great imagination in those who made them.

1. Library floor

The floor of this library was made from book pages. When you enter this place, you feel projected into a story.

2. A rather confusing bathroom: difficult to recognize objects

The architect or designer probably wanted to create an optical illusion…

3. They transformed a trolley in an exceptional way

They laid the grid of a cart on four wheels and an engine, their ingenuity allowed them to create a kart.

4. He needed a comfortable seat: “This guy lives in the future”

He chose to replace the seat of his motorcycle with a gaming chair. Now he will certainly be much more comfortable when he has to drive.

5. Pretty to look at and very creative, but definitely not comfortable…

He made a pebble bathroom, he wanted to create a mosaic effect, but maybe he didn’t think about comfort.

6. An ingenious dress that smells of childhood

She made a dress from Pokemon cards left over from when she played with it as a child.

7. The reindeer headband

During the holiday season, people often wear clothes reminiscent of Christmas. In this case he tried to recreate a reindeer, too bad he just used ginger.

8. The correct way to constantly walk barefoot on the grass

They made flip flops to be in contact with the grass. It must be like walking barefoot in a park.

9. The washing machine door is missing, what is the problem?

The washing machine door broke and he had to find a solution quickly. The clock wasn’t just the right shape, it was the perfect size to fit.

10. Chairs have become an integral part of furniture

He found a new way to play video games, a true work of engineering art.

11. Whoever made it is probably a Minions fan

As soon as we look at these shoes, we immediately understand which model inspired the one who made them.

12. All in one: bathroom and bed

They built a bunk bed over this tub. It’s definitely a practical solution, if you’re sleepy, just go up the stairs and go to bed.

14. “Our hotel shower was designed to look like a swimming pool.”

The bathroom in this hotel really seems to replicate the showers at a swimming pool.

15. “The balls in this bowling alley are designed to look like billiard balls.”

They tried to mix two games: billiards and bowling.

16. A bench of books to encourage people to read

A fantastic bench in the library of Alexandria, Egypt.

Have you ever seen such unique objects?

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