16 Examples Of Constructions So Bad They Make You Want To Take Pencil And Paper To Redraw Them

The road to becoming a professional in one’s field is strewn with pitfalls: school, university, specialization courses, field experience, continuing education, and nothing ever seems enough. To become a professional, it takes commitment, perseverance, dedication, and love for your work. Despite all of this, we still make mistakes. The important thing is to learn from your mistakes in order to profit from them. Each profession has its difficulties, and that of the builder is certainly not easy. These images will certainly leave you perplexed is there a logic, which we maybe cannot understand, behind doors that cannot be opened, behind stairs that end in a wall, behind windows that look like doors and endanger the one who opens them?

#1. From a distance they look like normal windows, but in reality they are doors. What if, by opening them, someone could get hurt?

image credit: Chrismteller/instagram

#2. A washbasin built into a wall makes a very simple gesture difficult and unusual: to wash your hands.

image credit: MILKA21s/reddit

#3. Was the garage built right behind a tree or has the tree grown in a few years and prevented access to the garage?

image credit: reilizj/instagram

#4. You climb the stairs of an unfinished construction and find yourself facing a wall. Who knows what the builder had in mind.

image credit: hentaisnepai/instagram

#5. Pipes connected to the door make it impossible to open it. Where do the pipes come out and why build a door in their path?

image credit: matti0345/reddit

#6. The door built above the ground makes it difficult to access the room: luckily, the chairs are always within reach.

image credit: contractorsinsurancecenter/instagram

#7. This balcony is completely useless and inaccessible: was it really necessary to pierce it and put the construction in the middle?

image credit: ben_marconi/reddit

#8. A sink, toilet and shower in a very small space. Wouldn’t it have been better to give up something?

image credit: noe_sol_men / instagram

#9. It would have been enough to cut a few centimeters of the plinth to get a job well done and pleasing to the eye.

image credit: artisantrim/instagram

#10. This bridge seems rather unstable: are we sure that the position of the support column has been studied and that it is safe?

image credit: xoombook/instagram

#11. It’s a question of geometry: why not center the arch on the door instead of making a bizarre and unpleasant entrance to the eye?

image credit: _mypropertysolution_/instagram

#12. This door, suspended in the air, is also inaccessible: a handrail was built in front of it and one wonders why.

image credit: contractorsinsurancecenter/instagram

#13. This bathroom is certainly not suitable for those looking for privacy: the toilet has been placed in such a way that the door cannot be closed.

image credit: triangle construction/instagram

#14. Geometry lovers won’t want to see this: The difference between the tiles is definitely not a design choice.

image credit: thetileartisan / instagram

#15. In this piece of furniture, the spaces were certainly not well designed and it is practically impossible to open them.

image credit: triangle construction/instagram

#16. Perhaps it is better never to activate the ceiling fan: the consequences could be disastrous.

image credit: atl contracting/instagram

We laughed and shook our heads at some of the creations. Have you ever encountered such bizarre constructions?

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