Majestic Architecture: 16 Amazing Buildings That Can Be Found Around The World.

Architects know that to be well designed, buildings must meet many requirements: they must be useful, functional, and accessible. Aesthetics can sometimes be overlooked. The architecture that we are going to show you leaves us speechless, however, precisely because of its aesthetic appearance: some are houses, others are mosques or office buildings. In their diversity, they have one thing in common: they enchant us with their straight lines, rounded shapes, heights, and colors. You may have already visited some buildings, others may be unfamiliar to you: these sixteen architectural examples are just a few of the wonders that can be found in the world.

#1. The magnificent iron tree of the building of the Russian Ministry of Agriculture in Kazan.

image credit: reddit

#2. House on the Waterfall: a project by architect Frank Lloyd Wright, located in Pennsylvania.

image credit: ADarkcid/reddit

#3. In San Francisco: a Victorian-style building, covered with magnificent wisteria flowers.

image credit: ManiaforBeatles/reddit

#4. Hohenzollern Castle in Germany, built by the noble Hohenzollern family.

image credit: mtlgrems reddit

#5. An apartment building with large terraces in Tel Aviv, Israel.

image credit: mtlgrems1 reddit

A building that manages to combine the modernity of urban architecture and the greenery of nature.

#6. A beautiful vertical tree in Madrid, Spain.

image credit: tanmaypendes63 reddit

#7. A photo of the entrance door to the mosque in St. Petersburg, Russia.

image credit: HeeMew reddit

#8. A majestic building in Egypt.

image credit: 13points6 reddit

Huge, ancient, fascinating: going down these stairs is to feel very small.

#9. A strange and fascinating building in New York: have you ever seen a black building with gold details?

image credit: EssoEsse reddit

#10. A view inside the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.

image credit: sleep skeleton

A structure whose construction began in 1882 and is not yet completed.

#11. A great mosque in Abu Dhabi.

image credit: degeneratecity reddit

#12. A view of Milan Cathedral from a side and top perspective.

image credit: 5462652 reddit

#13. The Shah Mosque in Iran: It has been called the “mosque that houses millions of stars”.

image credit: Industriosity reddit

Those who visit it cannot help but walk with their heads turned upwards.

#14. Casa Batllò, Barcelona, ​​Spain: another extraordinary building by Antonio Gaudi.

image credit: Industriosi reddit

#15. An incredible view of this impressive Hungarian building.

image credit: tatrn reddit

#16. This mosque is located in Egypt, in Sharm El Sheikh, and is called “Al-Sahaba”.

image credit: Fuckoff555 reddit

What building have you had the chance to see or visit?

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