Artists Tell Disturbing Truths We Often Ignore, 15 Works With Strong Social Messages.

We don’t live in a perfect world, we know that. And yet, we often do not understand how worrying the conditions of our planet and our society are. These artists have found a way to remind us of this and have used the medium through which they can best express themselves and communicate important messages: street art. The walls, the buildings, the streets, the manholes have become the canvases that host works capable of making us think. Strong images and provocative phrases: the artists will stop at nothing to make the public understand how the planet is changing, how endangered animals are, how dangerous our dependence on technology is. These 15 works tell uncomfortable truths, the ones we have in front of us but too often ignore.

#1. The world is falling apart.

image credit: Pejac/facebook

#2. There used to be trees.

image credit: th2kingslay3r/imgur

Urbanization endangers the existence of plants and trees.

#3. We are constantly watched.

image credit: th2kingslay3r/imgur

A young girl walks over to the tree, perhaps looking for some fruit to put in the basket, but she finds a CCTV camera.

#4. No room for games.

image credit: widewalls/pinterest

Children are looking for parks, but the great outdoors are increasingly becoming parking lots. Where can they play?

#5. Animals weren’t born for this.

image credit: JULY i/facebook

They were born to be free, but we still don’t understand it.

#6. Make your dreams come true if possible.

image credit: th2kingslay3r/imgur

We all have dreams, ambitions, goals that we would like to achieve. Is it possible to make our dreams come true? This work seems to tell us no.

#7. For all those who do not believe in global warming.

image credit: Linda P/pinterest

#8. An image that speaks.

image credit: collective culture / pinterest

#9. A problem that we cannot ignore.

image credit: Breaths of life / facebook

#10. What the penguins will eat in the future.

image credit: toolito/pinterest

#11. The new generations.

image credit: bansky.official/instagram

Smartphone in hand, no Instagram notification and an expression of anger and despair: is this the future we want?

#12. There is a lack of respect for nature.

image credit: bansky.official/instagram

We constantly fall into contradiction: we want at all costs to immortalize the beauty of nature, even if it means harming it.

#13. We eat the earth.

image credit: weneedcafeine/twitter

#14. What is already happening.

image credit: imgur

#15. More and more buildings and fewer and fewer trees.

image credit: imgur

Which work left the mark on you the most?

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