15 Unfortunate Choices That Resulted In Unintended And Disappointing Consequences

We live in a time when the web has allowed us to learn various information in a very short time. Just type on any search engine “how to bake a cake” or “how to fix a faucet” and in a few minutes, we will be using the tools and knowing the vocabulary of experts in the field. Each of us felt a bit “expert” after seeing tutorials on the internet.

However, going to a professional is always the best choice to obtain a guaranteed and brilliant result, otherwise, you could find yourself facing a “failure” that will necessarily require you to redo all the work.

#1. It was enough to choose another color, but now these curtains look like cigarettes

image credit: N3STOR____/Reddit

#2. No, these dolls don’t really have the right eyes

image credit: BeanyOfficial/Reddit

#3. A beautiful solid wood stool … that turns bar patrons into centaurs

image credit: mang0las/Reddit

#4. Better to eat with your hands than to use these cutlery. You can not find ?

image credit: ritzyravioli/Reddit

#5. No one wants their phone to end up in a soup … or the soup to end up in their phone!

image credit: somuchwow123/Reddit

#6. The worst carpet to use for stairs: spotting steps is really hard

image credit: imgur

#7. We had the image of Cinderella as a beautiful princess, but not with such a round nose!

image credit: AffluentWeevil1/Reddit

#8. Parallel worlds exist: and you can access them through the strange button panel of this elevator

image credit: iancurtis/Reddit

#9. A beautiful Mickey Mouse pencil … whose eraser is completely useless

image credit: imgur

#10. Whoever chose the paint for these toilets might have had to think twice: the end effect is disgusting

image credit: entredeuxeaux / Reddit

#11. Wonderful idea to use reflective surfaces to give the effect of a bigger and brighter environment!

image credit: /zorton213/Reddit

#12. When an advertiser’s work is distorted by those who put up the posters on the buses

image credit: Vistana/Reddit

#13. It is not a crime scene, just a route drawn in a hospital to facilitate orientation …

image credit: CptDobey/Reddit

#14. What could be better than a nice hot cup of coffee when you get home? Maybe a mug that doesn’t hurt you

image credit: CosmeBuzzanito/Reddit

Do you now see why professionals are called this way? 

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