15 Times Nature Unwittingly Gave Us Incredible Works Of Art.

Nature always finds a way to amaze us and be noticed. She does it from the smallest things – like a cat’s splashes of color – to the larger ones, like a giant, colorful petrified opal or a tree that draws a perfect arc connecting two sidewalks. Some people have had the chance, and especially the responsiveness, to immortalize some of the wonders they have encountered: can you believe that a piece of ice can be the same as a chessboard with pawns? Could you imagine a geometrically perfect design created simply by the shadows cast by the branches of a tree? Beauty is in the little things and the unexpected. We have selected 15 photos that show how nature can offer us little wonders: just stop and watch.

#1. A black coat with white dots.

image credit: silk ayenen shame/twitter

Delicate snowflakes seem to have fallen on the cat’s fur.

#2. A petrified opal tree trunk that is about 200 years old.

image credit: vitkijihuh/reddit

In some parts of the world, it is not uncommon to find petrified colored opals inside a tree – they can come in different shapes and colors and are always striking.

#3. The colors of this apple create nuances and it looks like another apple is drawn on it.

image credit: 27rlb reddit

#4. The tree grew like this along the path, forming a startling arc.

image credit: Watoosky reddit

#5. A flower perfectly divided in half by different colors.

image credit: airwolf222b reddit

#6. A small tree grew from the branches of the big tree.

image credit: bustycrustacean69 reddit

#7. In the middle of the green leaves, a person found this gray leaf.

image credit: mmm pistol whip reddit

Have you ever seen a leaf of this color?

#8. A piece of ice resembling a chessboard with pawns.

image credit: ulvetid reddit

#9. A sky completely covered with clouds with beautiful shades of color.

image credit: Kelly240361 reddit

Even the sky can become a work of art on some occasions.

#10. It looks like a sock but it is not: it is a stone.

image credit: HelliciousRyan reddit

#11. Look at the beautiful shadow effect created by the branches of the tree.

image credit: arq ronaldo twitter

#12. The perfectly geometric pattern created by the ice on the car window.

image credit: TarpeDiem reddit

#13. This tree fell but grew back.

image credit: Kbstr267 reddit

A perfect example of how nature always finds a way to make room for itself.

#14. A rock covered with vegetation that looks like a baby animal or a stuffed animal.

image: cawteja reddit

#15. The cat’s fur, on its belly, has these shades of color that look like a chocolate chip cookie.

image credit: pizzaqveen reddit

Have you ever immortalized something amazing created by nature?

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