15 Rare Things That Left People So Incredulous That They Photographed Them.

How many rare and fascinating things surround us? Nature offers us truly incredible landscapes, animals and situations. Even though we are sometimes overwhelmed by the monotony and banality, we only need to look around us more carefully to realize that the wonderful is there, right next to us. Fifteen people stumbled upon fascinating things or deliberately looked for them: Have you ever wondered what a grain of salt looks like when magnified under a microscope? Or what can you find on the footprint of a child who has just played in an open space? Some people didn’t just wonder, but found a way to get answers and shared them on the internet.

The images give us situations that are difficult to find. Others have photographed extremely fascinating natural phenomena: a lightning bolt and a rainbow in the middle of the desert, a towering boulder balanced on top of another, an oddly shaped egg, a tiny frog or a daisy that seems to be in motion. have incorporated others. Take a look at these photos and let yourself be overwhelmed by these rarities.

#1. A strangely elongated egg.

image credit: E_Graaa/reddit

How many egg yolks must there be inside?

#2. A shell with a particular pattern.

image credit: trnr3024/reddit

It looks like a mountainous landscape.

#3. In perfect balance.

image credit: iam4real/reddit

#4. An impressive natural phenomenon.

image credit: D3qual/reddit

The snow melted on an inclined surface.

#5. Lightning bolt and rainbow in the desert.

image credit: syknow/reddit

#6. A golden bee.

image credit: EliteDangerous72/reddit

This person had the chance to see, and immortalize, this very special bee: she landed on her car.

#7. An unusual daisy.

image credit: SuperBlowball/reddit

#8. A tiny frog.

image credit: look_a_lurker/reddit

#9. A leaf on the snow.

image credit: hafetysazard/reddit

She created a perfect imprint.

#10. The grains of salt observed under the microscope.

image credit: BunyipPounch/reddit

#11. Print of a child’s palm.

image credit: NoLongerThatGuy/imgur

Here is the palm print of an 8 year old after he played outside: let’s see what landed on his hand.

#12. A number on the wing of the butterfly.

image credit: Ofthesaint/reddit

#13. “Some” spider webs.

image credit: TetraCGT/reddit

It almost looks like snow has fallen, but these are actually the large, elaborate cobwebs found in Australia.

14. A black and white ladybug.

image credit: wpbj777/reddit

#15. A bird that looks like a pine cone.

image credit: NegativeReply3211/reddit

We have seen, in these photos, wonders that have been given to us by nature, history and the hand of man. Have you ever come across something rare that made you think “I have to share this with someone”?

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