15 Photos That Aren’t What They Seem At First Distracted Glance

It is often said that seeing is believing, but in these particular situations even sight can betray us . Should we or should we not trust our own eyes? In this case, it would be better not to believe what we are seeing. Not yet, in any case. In these images we see how reality is distorted, which leads us to believe that we are seeing things that are not there. Sometimes, even by chance, we pick up optical interactions that seem to change the reality around us . Seeing them uplifts us and some even scare us. We have fished some of the best optical illusions that the web has managed to produce.

#1. New York, New York. Or just rusty radiators?

image credit: Pikabu

#2. A very pretty ballerina reincarnated in this tree. It looks like a tree from a Greek epic.

image credit: Reddit

#3. Not tasty candies but stones formed by currents. So be careful not to chew them, unless you want to lose a tooth.

image credit: Reddit

#4. Painting or real landscape? What do you think ?

image credit: Reddit

#5. Some guy dropped some snacks in the cafe and found an owl there. A frightening sight but at the same time truly astonishing!

image credit: Twitter

#6. The decor looks like Apocalypse Now. With a fight about to begin.

image credit: Imgur

#7. This girl’s scalp joins with the fields in what almost looks like a painting. The photo actually contains an important awareness message about the growth and development of the younger generation in Vietnam.

image credit: Facebook

#8. Can you see the bag of popcorn the little girl is holding?

image credit: Reddit

#9. A bride as a centaur who walks with her groom. Let’s say this photographer had the right idea in mind, but the implementation is puzzling us.

image credit: itaintholywater

#10. Here is the London-bike. Oh no wait but it’s the London Eye, the biggest wheel in London!

image credit: Dailypicks

#11. A robot that takes transport. A scene from a very near future?

image credit: Utrokolhoz

#12. Hang on tight or you will fall. This cyclist wanted to joke with the prospect and did it in the best possible way.

image credit: Reddit

#13. A doubt. How many bars do you see? 4 or 3? No, because on our side we spent an hour and a half trying to understand it …

image credit: Reddit

#14. A social experiment offering 3d tapes to reduce speed. Then replaced given the rate of collisions between cars.

image credit: Reddit

#15. A very suggestive spiral staircase. It recalls the shape of an eye. An eye of a very, very large scary face.

image credit: Reddit

So we see how easy it is for our brains to fool us completely. Admit it, have you been in trouble with this gallery?

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