15 Photos Of Animals That Don’t Seem At All Happy To Wear A Ruff.

Sooner or later, all animals are forced to wear it : veterinarians recommend it to prevent them from licking a wound, scratching their head, ingesting a product applied to their fur or – more generally – from touching part of the skin. their body which must remain protected and clean. It has many names: it is called a collar, Elizabethan collar, cone … The name that best describes it is undoubted: the collar of shame. It is precise with shame, but also with indignation, that animals wear this momentary device.

Some owners have decided to immortalize their animal with this new accessory, giving us indignant , angry, annoyed, disappointed, bitter or lacking in affection looks . We are convinced that some of them have already found a way to take revenge on their masters, while others are just patiently waiting for the return to freedom. We, in front of these 15 photos of animals that have taken on the appearance of nice bedside lamps, just smile and imagine their thoughts.

#1. Fortunately, someone is keeping him company.

image credit: Kronos099904/reddit

He looks sad, but the cat has decided to keep him company. Or maybe he decided to tease him a bit?

#2. He calms him down.

image credit: generallysarcastic/reddit

Even though he has to wear a ruff, his friend still loves him and shows him all his affection.

#3. What have you done to me, my dear human?

image credit: Siyfion/reddit

Although he has been forced to wear a ruff, this cat does not hold a grudge and demands hugs.

#4. An indignant head.

image credit: imgur

How to take seriously the cat with the tongue sticking out and the indignant gaze? The poor !

#5. The master consoles him.

image credit: reddit

#6. He is preparing his revenge.

image credit: lampsetcetera/instagram

He’s not very happy with his situation and, with a keen eye and a devious stance, he’s already finding a way to get his revenge.

#7. He doesn’t seem happy.

image credit: LordMarty/reddit

The dog above seems happy not to be in the same situation as the dog below.

#8. He already knows how to get revenge.

image credit: boxster/reddit

#9. A look of reproach.

image credit: jessrichards90/reddit

#10. An indignant expression.

image credit: Malcummax/reddit

#11. The collar of shame.

image credit: Maeyka/Facebook

#12. It is not very comfortable.

image credit: Precious De Cat/Facebook

#13. Take it away from me now!

image credit: imgur

#14. He looks at his masters.

image credit: TheCrashTestDummy/imgur

#15. When do you take this stuff away from me?

image credit: imgur

Some animals try with determination to remove it; others, after many futile attempts, resign themselves to their condition and wait to be able to regain their freedom. Has your pet ever worn a collar? What was his reaction?

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