15 People Shared The Most Disastrous Haircuts They’ve Ever Seen.

The haircuts are partly responsible for the definition, or the reflection of our personality: sober or eccentric cut makes all the difference, and speaks to us, especially to those who do not know us. That is why we pay special attention to the choice of hairdresser or barber: he must be able to understand what we want and, above all, he must be able to put it into practice. Preferably without any particular disaster. Some people have decided to bet on unusual hairstyles or have entrusted their hair to inexperienced hands. The result is a haircut that borders on the ridiculous and certainly doesn’t go unnoticed. On Reddit, people have fun sharingweirdest (and downright ugly) hairstyles they’ve ever seen: here are 15.

#1. A side parting maybe too big and a badly executed fade.

image credit: notsuoh/reddit

#2. Going to the hairdresser is a ritual, but some people like to splurge.

image credit: kwkierjote/reddit

#3. No one here noticed the message on the notice board.

image credit: bonydogfarts/reddit

Passers-by couldn’t help but notice the funny hairstyle that makes the man look like a hedgehog.

#4. We do not know if she turned to expert hands or if she created this work herself.

image credit: Shirtlesshane/reddit

In any case, we leave the final judgment to you.

#5. This guy is proof that cutting hair isn’t always a good idea.

image credit: bymyhandsorwithfi/reddit

#6. This man, with his hairstyle, surely does not go unnoticed.

image credit: colipro/reddit

#7. “This man is a candidate for school in my town. I received a flyer with this photo in the mail and I almost spit out my drink.”

image credit: srrangelk/reddit

This experience teaches us that a public figure with this hairstyle is not very believable.

#8. More than a tassel, it’s a lawn.

image credit: linkielambchop/reddit

#9. He tried to change his hairstyle: after the cut, he straightened his hair …

image credit: reddit

#10. Wouldn’t it have been better to run the mower over the entire surface of the head?

image credit: kavakravata/reddit

For us, probably yes; but the man is proud of these red curls: who are we to judge personal tastes?

#11. A cartoon character spotted in the subway.

image credit: buzzinights/reddit

#12. If a hairdresser did this job, he should be fired.

image credit: reddit

#13. A failed haircut or just an old fashioned hairstyle?

image credit: reddit

#14. “When you ask for a parting on the side but the hairdresser makes a whole highway”.

image credit: instilledbee/reddit

#15. The child does not seem satisfied with his elaborate hairstyle that the hairdresser has done …

image credit: fafnirchandesu/reddit

Admit it: you too went to the hairdresser and were disappointed with the end result. How to remedy it in these cases?

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