Shadows That Make Their Life: 15 People Confused And Fascinated By What They Observed.

The shadows are as common as fascinating and sometimes disturbing. They are the protagonists of movies and stories, and often tell a different story than reality, or even seem to have a life of their own. Our reflection is not always the mirror of who we are: it rather tells something hidden, latent or imaginary. Can a horse’s shadow look like a kangaroo’s? With the right perspective and the right accessories, absolutely. Can a flower recall a dancing fairy? You can see proof of this in the photo below. These 15 people necessarily had to immortalize what they saw, and in front of which they felt confusion and – at the same time – stupor.

#1. The shadows of the windows of this building create a true work of art.

image credit: bleimanb/reddit

A play of shadows that, at first glance, deceives our eyes and that we could continue to observe for hours.

#2. The shadow of two trees cast on a building.

image credit: UnholyFire23/reddit

#3. An affectionate gesture between the dog and his master, but the shadow tells a different story.

image credit: thedogpicguy/reddit

It tells the story of a mythological character, with the body of a man and the head of a dog …

#4. The car appears to be floating in the air and the owner, at first glance, admitted to being scared.

image credit: theam107/reddit

#5. A perfectly straight staircase casts an unstable shadow.

image credit: bpcity81/reddit

#6. The shadow of a bouquet of fake flowers looks like a squirrel: there is even a tail!

image credit: imgur

#7. These two coffee cups create a play of shadows that poisons us.

image credit: Shitstorm21 / reddit

#8. The toothbrush is actually a singer at heart.

image credit: DHSVlip/reddit

Or maybe a man brushing his teeth? And you, what do you see?

#9. The shadow of a wall lamp is reminiscent of a strange lucky object.

image credit: Rushmerphotography/reddit

#10. The shadow is reminiscent of a unicorn straight out of a fairy tale.

image credit: weirdbutfunnyatthesametime/imgur

#11. A flower that reveals another identity: a fairy who was eager to dance.

image credit: isarealboy13/reddit

#12. A very simple carpet, the shadow of which reveals the skyline of a metropolis.

image credit: natureisnifty/reddit

#13. He wanted to take a simple photo of his horse, but reality disappointed his expectations.

image credit: RussellCoightus/reddit

The shadow in the photo resembles the silhouette of a kangaroo.

#14. The shadow of the dog perfectly resembles the silhouette of a cat.

image credit: ctonfromkc/reddit

Once again, the shadow tells a different story from the reality.

#15. A lonely shadow without its master, can you spot where the man is?

image credit: HappyColoredMarble/reddit

We observe these shadows and imagine fantastic stories with characters coming to life from inanimate objects. How many times has your shadow, or that of objects close to you, had the power to take your breath away?

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