15 Objects That We All Used A Few Years Ago But Which Today Seem To Come Out Of A Vintage Market.

Today’s technology is taking giant leaps. Anyone can see it: just look around to realize that we are surrounded by tools that we use every day and that we take for granted; yet, a few years ago, it seemed quite simply unthinkable, “futuristic” inventions intended for the privileged few.

So it happens that accessories, technological devices, and essential objects in every home and in every street slowly lose their function and are destined – unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on the case – to disappear. The world is moving fast, maybe even too fast, and we can only adapt to the passage of time. Nevertheless, it is always curious and interesting to see that certain objects are able to awaken in us nostalgic feelings, and will always remain very present in our minds. Check out some of them in the photos we’ll show you!

#1. Telephone booths: we see less and less of them in town, replaced by cell phones

image credit: Pixabay

#2. Although many of us still use them or jealously guard their collections, CDs and DVDs are destined to retire, being replaced by digital files and streaming services.

image credit: Maciej Bliziński / Wikimedia

#3. Landline telephone? No doubt it is becoming more and more rare

image credit: Infrogmation of New Orleans/Wikimedia

#4. Public mailboxes are less and less “in vogue” because of emails, messaging services, etc.

image credit: Pxhere

#5. The radio with the removable front panel: an accessory which, in today’s cars, is increasingly replaced by integrated systems and Bluetooth connections for music and phone calls.

image credit: ebjazzz/reddit

#6. It’s sad, but unfortunately it is increasingly rare to find printed encyclopedias in our homes: in this case, the web has clearly played against them.

image credit: Pixabay

#7. Remember the telephone with integrated fax? This device was avant-garde and often even “compulsory” in companies, today it is an object of another time!

image credit: johnvosh/reddit

#8. When a book goes missing, a fundamental testimony is lost, but textbooks could gradually be replaced by digital books

image credit: Inayaysad/Wikimedia

#9. Who hasn’t had one, or still has one? That’s right, the legendary digital camera, a technological gadget now largely replaced by the increasingly sophisticated cameras of smartphones.

image credit: Stephane8888/Wikimedia

#10. Forget bluetooth and wireless systems: it wasn’t so long ago that the center of the party was those bulky stereos full of buttons and dials!

image credit: reddit

#11. In recent years, cigarette lighters are not so present in cars, unless you ask for them as an option: they are replaced by electrical outlets and USB ports.

image credit: reddit

#12. Portable GPS devices: very popular until a few years ago, they have been supplanted today by smartphones and their navigation services.

image credit: Darren Meacher/Wikimedia

#13. How long has it been since you used a calculator like this? Think about it for a second and you’ll find that it’s been a while, when even a few years ago everyone had one …

image credit: Mea05cer/reddit

#14. It is likely that even clock radios like this will gradually be replaced by mobile phones and more sophisticated devices.

image credit: 2ezyo/reddit

#15. With the advent of the Internet, who still regularly uses telephone directories?

image credit: RottonPotatoes/reddit

These objects are capable of giving us nostalgia and at the same time making us reflect on the passage of time, don’t you think?

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