11 Faces Showing The Unique Charm Of The Interbreeding Of Distant Ethnic Groups.

a study by the Medical Research Council in the UK of over 350,000 people from four different continents showed that people born to couples of different ethnic backgrounds have a genetic advantage in that they tend to be smarter and bigger than the norm.

Even we who are not people of science know that the interbreeding between people from places far removed from each other often leads to the appearance of physical characteristics so special and fascinating that it is impossible not to notice them. and not to be enchanted. The enchanting faces of these models are a great example!

#1. Christen Harper – Japan + Ireland + Poland – England.

image: Instagram/ christenharper

#2. Ebony Anderberg – Russia + Sweden + Ghana.

image credit: Instagram/ebonyanderber

#3. Troian Bellisario – African American + Serbia + Italy.

image credit: Instagram/sleepinthegardn

#4. Aleksandra Wo – Poland + Singapore + Thailand.

image credit: Instagram/ aleksandrawo

#5. Kiana Garrison – African + German.

image credit: Instagram/mskianaalexis

#6. Cleo Kinnaman – Greece + Ethiopia.

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image credit: Instagram/ cleokinnaman

#07. Sarsha Chisholm – Aboriginal + English (Australia).

image credit: Instagram/sarshachisholm_

#08. Elena Kampouris – Greece + France.

image credit: Instagram/elenakampouris

#09. Flavia Santiago – Brazil + France.

image credit: Instagram/flaviaesantiago

#10. Vanessa Moe – Hawaii + Danemark.

image credit: Instagram/vanessaanela

#11. Jéssica Pimentel – Angola + Cape Verde + Portugal.

image credit: Instagram/jessicvpimentel

Source source: https://goo.gl/t3jMMX

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