15 Distracted People Who Only Had One Task To Do And Managed To Miss It

There are people who are dedicated to their jobs, who put their heart into what they do every day, and then there are those who are eager to complete their service as quickly as possible. But in many cases, these are people who are not even able to perform a simple task! The internet world is full of funny and absurd images of all the mistakes made during a normal working day. In these 15 pictures, you can observe a series of unforgivable mistakes made at work!

#1. Well, this “little miscalculation” could actually be a serious problem …

image credit: unknown/imgur

#2. “This is how coat hooks are mounted in our classrooms”

image credit: massam091/reddit

#3. Small moment of dizziness for the operator who painted the signal …

image credit: bahaki / reddit

#4. Basic technique for hanging a mirror. Classroom.

image credit: Fngyo/reddit

#5. Good luck finding the second floor!

image credit: Reboota/reddit

#6. Glasses colored blue? Is that so ?

image credit: Reddit / VTArxelus

#7. Where exactly is the opening in the brick?

image credit: Reddit / niggabethus

#8. The art and manner of fixing a door

image credit: Reddit / TheDarkButcher

#9. “I did a very good job with this midfielder …”

image credit: Reddit / TommyT32

#10. After hours of work: “Oops …”

image credit: Reddit / ak_styl3s

#11. Pikachu revisited

image credit: Reddit / poopoo1022

#12. The little detail that kills

image credit: Reddit / Bighonzik

#13. Effective surveillance in perspective

image credit: Reddit / ComboBadger

#14. The ideal bag for who can not choose his favorite superhero …

image credit: Reddit / Noctuses16

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