14 Weird-looking Trees You’ve Probably Never Seen Before.

Trees are among nature’s most important and enduring elements, and we are lucky enough to see more than one every time we look out the window or step outside. There are many specimens and each species has its own particularity, but they all confer a kind of calm and peace, emanating from an ancestral wisdom, sometimes centuries old. It is said that hugging them brings a deep sense of serenity, as this small gesture would help us to connect with Mother Earth and nature in general. However, even these plants that seem so common to us can surprise us and amaze us with their unusual appearance, let’s see 14 images of unusual trees that

1. The grimace


“Trees aren’t good at striking cute poses.”

2. The sad look


“Trees hate to smile.”

3. Overweight


“Trees don’t like to diet.”

4. The ideal hiding place


“When I took this photo, I certainly expected to find a group online that was a perfect match for it.”

5. The Invader


This tree seems to be trying to enter the house through the window…it probably wasn’t invited!

8. Dancer


A true ballet expert. Very elegant !

7. The dragon


A tree trunk or a mythological animal?

8. Winding


A silhouette to say the least singular!

9. Two-tone foliage


Two-tone foliage for this alternative tree, with green and red leaves in stark contrast.

10. The Survivor


Thanks to the light, this branch would be perfect for a zombie movie, don’t you think?

11. Scary

Jim Olmeyer/Reddit

“This tree is going to keep me awake tonight…”

12. Hostage


“This tree doesn’t seem to want to let its hostage go free. But are we sure its host isn’t deliberately hiding inside? That look isn’t saying anything good…”

13. Flight


This tree decided to take flight when it left the ground, but it had to get stuck halfway…

14. The Eye


Looks like the eye of an ancient dinosaur or a fantasy character…really weird!

And have you ever come across an unlikely-looking tree?

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