14 Times People’s Style Really Left Something To Be Desired.

All tastes are in nature and, as such, subjective and indisputable: everyone has their own style, and while some like to follow fashion and conform to it, others prefer an alternative look that sets them apart from the rest . However, it is impossible not to notice certain clothing choices that stand out from the others: whether it is a simple detail, an accessory or the whole outfit, they do not go unnoticed and, above all, not in a good way. The characteristic of the images that we propose to you is precisely that they leave Internet users dubious, who are surprised by the bizarre eccentricity of the individuals in question, let’s examine 14 of them.

1. Flip flops and socks

“I saw this amazing fashion yesterday on my way home on the ferry.”

2. Crest with piercing

“I don’t know what’s going on here…”

3. Cameltoe

“Haute couture cameltoe shoes”. Are we sure they will be fashionable?

4. The Beach Boy

“My husband is ready for summer…. When it comes to fashion, it’s always best not to overdo it.” In effect…

5. Country Style

“New fashion line coming soon!”

6. Claw bag

A style certainly “aggressive”, but rather questionable!

7. Shoes with Lego

“Step on Lego? For fashion? Absolutely!” These heels will certainly not go unnoticed, and not because of their height…

8. Nail design

Cigarette butts to decorate the nails during a manicure… not really the pinnacle of sobriety and good taste!

9. Face covering

“The future of fashion”. Fashion or not, it’s in any case quite worrying…

10. Underwear Pouch

A bag made from panties: it doesn’t look very bulky, but above all… why? Anyway, the color is cute!

11. Sweets

When you love sweets so much that they even grow on your head…

12. The hybrid sneaker

“Look at this fashion atrocity”. A mix between a sneaker and an evening shoe.

13. We must dare

“Call the fashion police”. Does it exist?

14. Leopard

“Another fashion trend or nonsense?

Which of these looks do you consider the worst?

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