14 Projects That Clearly Weren’t Very Well Thought Out.

A successful project requires a well-structured process with well-defined steps: design, prototype, implementation, and testing. However, if everything goes wrong in the first stage, there is no development that can save. This is the case of the failures that you will see below.

Learn what not to do with these 14 implemented projects that were certainly not very well thought out.

#1. A manhole that looks more like an explosive mine.

#2. This loop in a pipe.

#3. The deplorable situation of this circuitry.

#4. The position of this window in relation to the sink faucet.

#5. That shower that had to be installed at ANY cost.

#6. That little useless barrier.

#7. And this stone that doesn’t follow the random pattern to plug the hole.

#8. This sink, which makes no sense.

#9. Those stairs that, you can be sure, will fall soon.

#10. This translucent door to a public bathroom.

#11. This ‘adjustment’ that will undoubtedly bring problems in the future.

#12. This dividing line, made by some drunks.

#13. The placement of this brick.

#14. That missing door.

Do you have images of projects that should not have been finished? Leave them in the comments. Share this funny gallery with your friends to make their day with these engineering stumbles.

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