14 People Who Came Up With Ingenious Solutions To A Problem.

It often happens that we are confronted with problems that seem insoluble at first sight. On these occasions, you have to keep calm, take a deep breath and start thinking. The only way to find a solution, however, is to think outside the box.

Creativity most often overcomes obstacles. Here are 16 people who managed to come up with ingenious solutions to a problem.

1. A solution for motorcycle grips

I installed heated grips so as not to be cold during my morning outings.

2. The cap with glasses and integrated straws

A convenient way to drink without having to get up to get drinks from the fridge.

3. A comfortable way to lift the sofa

When something falls under the sofa, it is always very difficult to recover it. In this case, they found a very practical way: to lift it with a jack.

4. “Spoons are great substitutes for doorknobs.”

There was no time to buy a new door handle, a solution had to be found immediately. Why not use a spoon.

5. A new way to fix the phone to the windshield

I broke the suction cup that has to keep the phone attached to the windshield, I decided to use the sink suction cup.

6. The final solution to repair glasses

His glasses branches broke, he had to find a solution quickly. He only had two pencils at hand.

7. The replacement handle

He broke the handle of the frying pan, and found the solution. Use a wrench.

8. Mace Windu

“My cell phone screen broke, I solved it by putting the picture of Mace Windu. Now it doesn’t seem to be damaged.”

09. Our cat got very clingy, now that we both work from home we had to find a solution

This cat loves to curl up on his owners’ lap, but since they can’t work with him on their lap, they made a dummy for their pet to fall asleep on.

10. Horn

He used the bell instead of the horn.

11. Chandelier or strainer

Much nicer than many ceiling fixtures that are sold. The optical effects brought to life by this colander are unique. If we did not examine it carefully, we would not even realize that its primary function is quite different.

12. One Problem, One Solution

When he hung the painting, he saw that the tower of Pisa was leaning, so he found the solution, which was to tilt the painting so that the tower was straight.

13. Chips au paprika

These chips are so red because they are flavored with paprika, a spice with an intense red color. Grabbing a handful of these snacks could get your fingers dirty, so the solution is to use chopsticks.

14. Films de protection

He has a cracked windshield and decided to fix the problem by using protective films from his smartphones.

What ingenious solution have you found to solve a problem?

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