13 Suggestive Photos Show All The Times When Nature Has Taken Back Its Rights.

One way or another, nature always takes back what is hers. No matter how hard man tries to conquer endless lands and spaces in order to build marvelous castles and structures, sooner or later nature will take its course and take back what is rightfully ours. Just look at the way some buildings end up after decades of neglect bushes and wild plants are starting to grow in every corner, even in every room, and what once seemed to glow now looks decadent and destined to be. to be forgotten over time.

#1. This spectacular 13th century chateau is located in France. In 1932, a fire broke out and caused extensive damage to the building. Since then he has been in a state of complete abandonment

image credit: Instagram / digitalanthill

#2. An abandoned church in France

image credit: Facebook / Quentin Chabrot

#3. An abandoned house in Norway: trees and plants of all kinds are now growing on the roof

image credit: Reddit / iam4real

#4. The mangrove forest slowly engulfs this Buddha statue

image credit: Reddit / Fire_Bucket

#5. Mother Nature takes back her spaces …

image credit: Instagram / youknowcyc

#6. An abandoned escalator is about to be “swallowed” by these climbing plants

image credit: Instagram / espinas3

#7. An isolated place in Japan, where nature is once again the one and only mistress …

image credit: Instagram / 98naykkan

#8. An abandoned cottage in Ireland

image credit: Reddit / ethan_kahn

#9. Soon the foam will cover it completely

image credit: Reddit / BreakingDed

#10. The Scola tower in Liguria: the beauty of the passing of time

image credit: Imgur / PlusFeeds

#11. An abandoned castle in Scotland

image credit: Reddit / sn0rk95

#12. The window of an abandoned kindergarten in Italy

image credit: Reddit / urbex_sno

#13. A Victorian-era greenhouse, now abandoned

image credit: Reddit / chriscambridges


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