13 Stunning Hotels That Know How To Make Their Guests Happy

Staying in a hotel can be a pleasant experience or a very unpleasant experience. However, there are many hotels that strive not only to give the guest a comfortable space but also seek to make their stay unforgettable even in the smallest details.

We’ve compiled some examples that we think are worthy of acknowledgment,

#01. Being able to turn on the shower, without having to get wet from outside.

#02. By pulling this string you can turn on or off the lights in the room.

#03. My room has new remote controls.

#04. My hotel offers cell phones that you can take with you during your stay.

#05. I found this card in my bathroom, where my hotel suggests that I steal my room soaps.

#06. The room I stayed in in Japan had a lamp that could be lit by half.

#07. Finally a television with accessible HDMI and USB inputs.

#08. This hotel made sure to show that they also clean under the bed.

#09. A special towel to clean makeup.

#10. This robot delivers rolls of paper to rooms.

#11. This hotel has a button for the elevator in the middle of the hall, so you don’t miss out.

#12. A little detail to enjoy bath time more.

#13. If you feel lonely in your room, you can rent a fish.

Have you ever had a good experience with your hotel? Tell us and share this article with your friends.

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