13 Bizarre Situations Anyone Could Have Found Themselves In.

From time to time, we may find ourselves faced with extremely unusual situations, which we cannot understand at the time, but at this precise moment, the only question that crosses our minds is “what is going on? -he ?”. As soon as one realizes that one is witnessing a particularly strange situation, a smile cannot help but appear on one’s face.

So here are 13 bizarre situations that anyone could have stumbled upon.

1. Casual encounters on the subway: maybe they’d better swap their sweatshirts?


“I was on the subway when I saw these two guys with colored hair. They had the right sweatshirt for each other.” Who knows if they know each other and if they purposely dressed like that?

2. An ideal solution when the subway is full


He took a chair and carried it to the subway.

3. “What was this guy thinking when he decided to wear this outfit?”


4. This may not be the right place for him, there should have been a defibrillator


It may be a medical expert, who can step in and help if needed.

5. In summer, when it’s too hot, putting the PC in the refrigerator can be the best solution to prevent it from overheating


6. When you dye your hair wrong and have to find a way to hide it


“He dyed his hair, but maybe he didn’t like it and decided to cover it with watermelon skin.” Maybe he should have found a less conspicuous headgear…

7. An unusual solution when you don’t have clean dishes at home


Spaghetti thus acquired a new and unusual flavor.

8. The picture above the bag has come true: let’s hope it’s not really a puma


9. “I remembered that a car’s engine was different”


What does a dog do in a car instead of an engine…?

10. You might get angry at first, but after a while, a smile can’t help but appear on your face.


“Of all the places she could have fallen, that’s where she fell…”

11. A dog or a lion?


It has the mane of a lion and the muzzle of a dog, it may be a mythological beast.

12. An unusual motorcycle, the only certainty is that whoever drives it hardly goes unnoticed


13. It’s not every day that you see someone eating a whole chicken on the subway.


The next passenger may have been very hungry, he seemed to want a piece of chicken.

What’s the weirdest scene you’ve ever seen?

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