12 Stunning Unconventional Wedding Dresses That Stand Out For Their Originality

When a woman accepts a marriage proposal, one of the first things she thinks about is undoubtedly the wedding dress. There are many who, from an early age, dream of wearing a dream dress on the most important day, and some have already thought of all the details: there are those who adore the classic and sumptuous princess dress, with a sweetheart bodice and a wide tulle dress, those who prefer a mermaid cut, narrow and tight then opening at the bottom, and those who want a very long train or a veil several meters long. And then there are the more “alternative” ones, which break away from the traditional white color and the most classic models, opting for a decidedly more original style. let’s see12 examples of beautiful dresses that stand out from the most common models .

1.White and gold


Gold-plated cuffs and belt for this young bride, who also wears a pretty crown!

2.In yellow


“Legally married!”

3.Dark Fairy Tale


“We said yes and it was great!”

4.Black and white


“A year has passed since our little wedding in Chicago.”

5.Vintage and evocative


“The wedding dress of my dreams.”

6.White and Blue


“My wedding took place yesterday and our photographer has already sent us some photos!”



“Is this dress appropriate for a romantic garden wedding?”



“Two years later, I still can’t imagine a prettier dress on me…”

9.Emerald Suit


“It’s not really a dress, but I’m so happy that I decided to wear this costume for my communal wedding! I had a dress but it was short and suddenly the weather became very cold. It was a last minute decision (I bought it a week before) but I’m glad I did. I was really warm and felt so beautiful!”

10.It’s not just white


A very beautiful color!



“My crochet wedding dress.”

12.From black to red


“I ordered my dress today! Thought I wanted red, ended up liking black!”

Which of these dresses do you think is the most characteristic?

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