12 Photos Of People Whose License Should Have Been Revoked A Long Time Ago

Who has never encountered a distracted driver on his road? Who knows how many times you had to honk your horn and maybe even swear at the obvious incompetence of some behind the wheel. As long as it’s about not using a turn signal or going too slow, without causing damage – that’s fine. But when things get out of control, you risk very dangerous accidents: people playing on mobile phones or reading while driving or having loads protruding excessively from the trunk are just a few examples of distracted drivers who should have their allowed forever.

Remember that when you honk, you may be dealing with a character like this:

1.”A man wanted us to appraise his car because he wanted to buy a new one…in the end, he didn’t buy anything”

Reddit / thepriceisrite

2.Read and drive at the same time…

Reddit / icant-chooseone

3.It all seems terribly unstable…and dangerous!

Reddit / readball

4.Anyone want a peach?

Reddit / GenericBritt

5.A round of applause for the employee of the year who parked like this


6.With your foot out of the window and the cell phone in your hand to send messages while traffic is slow… a real “champion”!

Reddit / pokebikes

7.This man found a rather unique way to honk his horn.


8.But how does he manage to drive like that?


9.”Last week I finally figured out what these things do…”

Reddit / Sissy0140

10.A “genius” who steals a car and paints it so that it goes unnoticed…

Reddit / Dr_Apk

11.”For the height it’s good” – Uh, no!


12.”My dad plays on the phone while driving…if I try to tell him anything, he yells at me!”

Reddit / u/rtoit

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