12 Photos Of Coincidences So Incredible It’s Like Being In A Dream.

Have you ever had to stop to take a deeper look at something around you that caught your eye? If you answered yes, know that you are in good company, especially when it comes to coincidences . Indeed, those moments when reality seems to laugh at us or wants to tell us something are quite frequent and statistically unavoidable, but when they happen, they always manage to leave us speechless with astonishment.

Sometimes it seems like someone or something decides to put together people, colors, natural phenomena, light, shadows, cars, clothes and more, just for fun . And the result is often mesmerizing, to say the least, as the 12 photos we’ve collected in this list show. These coincidences are so astonishing that those who experienced them couldn’t help but immortalize them! Let’s discover them together.

1. Clouds… angular!

The incredible formation of clouds immortalized by an airplane passenger: they create a perfect angle.

2. Head to the moon

An insightful panel: what an incredible coincidence!

3. Who knows if they agreed before getting on the same bus…

4. The same car and practically the same license plate, and the photo was not taken at a car dealership!

5. “My mother and her friend

They complement each other perfectly with these clothes, even if they didn’t do it on purpose…

6. Who is in this car?

Nobody, it’s just the reflection of a TV!

7. When the scale box tells you in advance how much you weigh…

8. Biker tracks

Look what was left on the table when they raised their glass!

9. Where did the rainbow go? A perfect coincidence

10. Spectacular Snowflakes

11. A scene that looks like something out of a movie

This skyscraper seems to float in the air: its corners are exactly the same color as the sky!

12. The curtain continues on the TV screen

What are the most surprising and incredible coincidences that have happened to you?

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