12 Flashes Of Genius That Made Even The Most Common Objects Special And “Intelligent”

In our days we are used to seeing and using objects that now seem quite normal, ordinary, even predictable. Think, for example, of a chair, or a traffic light, or even an electrical outlet that is more normal: these are things that we could hardly imagine other than in their current form, but sometimes we wish. just that they have something extra to be perfect.

And that’s where the creativity and imagination of so many designers (and everyday people) come in to find something ingenious. The 12 photos we have gathered below show it well: be amazed at us by these clever, practical, and intelligent ideas!

#1. These chairs have special spaces to hang bags on the backrest!

image credit: sarcasdick1/reddit

#2. A shirt with a special flap: perfect for cleaning the lenses of our glasses!

image credit: Marvin_k2000/reddit

#3. An outlet designed so as not to obstruct the one below: simply brilliant!

image credit: ENG-two / reddit

#4. If the “wet floor” sign wasn’t clear, this banana-shaped sign is a great idea!

image credit: B0JANKINS/reddit

#5. A very practical multi-socket with sockets that rotate as needed!

image credit: KagariYT/reddit

#6. Two beds designed to ensure the privacy of guests, on either side of the room

image credit: remydesp/reddit

#7. The door of this shower enclosure has a convenient “slit” that allows water to be opened before entering, without getting wet

image credit: IBeBobbyBoulders/reddit

#8. These traffic lights all light up in red, green and yellow to give drivers better visibility and safety.

image credit: reddit

#9. How to turn a simple charger into a practical stand

image credit: NachNach16 / reddit

#10. A screen placed behind a truck that projects the image of the road to the side and in front, to make overtaking easy and safe for those behind.

image credit: azgrunt/reddit

#11. In this elevator there is a clear and simple indicator of the maximum load it can bear.

image credit: SonOfWAY/reddit

#12. A series of steps which, next to each ramp, has slides for the little ones

image credit: Imgur

Have you ever been confronted with such objects?

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