12 Dads Who Said They Didn’t Want A Pet And Now They’re Totally Dependent On Them

Before, they tell us vehemently that they absolutely do not want a dog, a cat or any other pet in the house; it takes too much effort to raise and educate a four-legged creature… in short, out of the question. But the day comes when the quadruped arrives home and, despite initial reluctance, even the most impenetrable cold-hearted father melts away and becomes virtually inseparable from his new pet . This image gallery is the decisive proof!

My father hated the idea of ​​having a cat in the house, now before going to sleep he reads her a fairy tale, in the comfort of the armchair…


“I’m more of a cat man!”. A few months later:


And to think that my dad wasn’t a big fan of hairless cats…


Look at my father’s smile when he looks at his cat…


My dad, who hated dogs, now comforts scared dogs waiting in line at the vet…


“I’m only watching him because you’re not home…”


First he didn’t want a dog in the house, now he secretly kisses him and sings a song in his ear…


My husband was by no means a cat lover: now our house cats can’t live without them!


My father: “No, no second dog at home!” My father, a little later:


Can we have some privacy please?


My father is a very solitary and independent person: now, impossible to have breakfast without his feline friend!


And he didn’t want a cat at all…


Have you also experienced a seemingly irremovable father who, at the sight of a four-legged friend… melted?

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