12 Creative Recycling Ideas That Show That Everything Shouldn’t Be Thrown In The Trash

The art of recycling is not only a talent that few people have, but it is also a responsible gesture to try to avoid unnecessary waste and to preserve the environment of our planet Earth. Not everything we throw in the trash is necessarily useless, but it can give life to some very original interior design creations. Here is an amazing recycling list  that will make you want to collect old items from your home!

#1. But his wife recycled this old electric whisk into an original and modern chandelier!

image credit: orangebananagreen/Reddit

#2. My dad picked up an old guitar from the garage, and look what a piece of art to display!

image credit: Imgur

#3. An old magnet has turned into a house number!

image credit: ForeignServer/Reddit

#4. My dad makes beautiful wall clocks by recycling old piano boards

image credit: zooker22/Reddit

#5. You can really reuse everything: even milk cartons can become practical trays!

image credit: myfacelookslkeafoot/Reddit

#6. An old refrigerator that no longer works becomes a handy storage room for grandma!

image credit: Hauser747/Reddit

#7. A damaged office chair? Why not use inexpensive floral fabrics to give it a touch of freshness and originality?

image credit: xiakpr/Reddit

#8. An old sweater that you no longer wear, scissors and a zipper: here is a little outfit for a child!

image credit: InsanitySuitsMe/Reddit

#9. I recycled an old leather bag and turned it into original shoes for my baby!

image credit: Vesboo/Reddit

#10. An old coconut transforms into a comfortable salt shaker in just a few steps!

image credit: MarsNirgal/Reddit

#11. Here’s how to make a soap dish just by using wooden sticks!

image credit: kaitlin949/Reddit

#12. Old wooden fences can become really useful garden boxes!

image credit: kingpig2017/Reddit

Nothing is left out in the art of recycling. What did they say? “Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed”

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