12 Crazy Ideas That Insanely Ended Up Working.

When suitable professionals are hired to make a public space more comfortable, useful, or rational, the result can be incredible, and these 12 examples prove it.

#1. A bench that protects the trees.

#2. Free chargers for smartphones and tablets.

#3. Stops to wait for the bus with a fun twist:

#4. How about some public hammocks to relax in?

#5. These folding chairs look like tulips.

#6. This bench that is also a table.

#7. These designs for a bench, a stair ramp, and a rain shelter.

#8. This pubic bench that lets you flip it over after the rain.

#9. A bike path that glows in the dark.

#10. A reflective fence is much more amazing than a normal fence.

#11. This bank is also an orchard.

#12. These are small plastic balls that are poured into tanks to protect the water from contaminants.

 They also help reduce evaporation and retain the water supply. Although they are available in various colors, the black balls were chosen as they absorb more sunlight, delaying the evaporation of water.

When ingenuity and creativity come together there are no limits. Share these great ideas to inspire other countries to take a chance on something that may seem “crazy.”

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