11 People Who Went To Japan And Faced Hilarious Hardships

The Japanese, men, and women, although belonging to an evolved people and rich in ancient traditions, certainly do not enjoy stratospheric statures. If in Germany the average height of an adult man is 185 cm, in Japan it is already a lot if we reach 170 cm!

Height, we know, can be an important aesthetic factor on which to judge, at least at first glance, but in Japan, it can also be a source of “hidden dangers”. If you are too tall you might hit your head all over the place as Japanese houses and public places sometimes seem very small. !

#1. “My dad went on vacation to Japan … when I asked him how he was, he sent me this picture”

image credit: Reddit / pakupakupaku

#2. Life in Japan for tall people can be really exhausting!

image credit: Imgur / chaosunicorn

#3. We will have to bend over …

image credit: Reddit / MGP11

#4. “Mmm, for the fourth time in a row, my head hits the chandelier in this hotel room …”

image credit: Reddit / crazymunch

#5. Are there giants or tiny gates in Japan ?!

image credit: Reddit / cptcornlog

#6. When you ask for a souvenir photo taken in one of the most evocative places of your vacation … but you are too tall!

image credit: Reddit / FreakyStyley8

#7. Watch out for your head!

image credit: journeylingartist

#8. Finally someone to share the fact of being grown up in Japan!

#9. “My boyfriend is too big for Tokyo station!”

#10. “My friend is 198cm tall and last summer he went to Japan …”

image credit: Reddit / Gratton

#11. BONUS: “Ok, how do we get through this door?”

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