10 Surprising Structures That Were Built To Protect Wildlife

Due to the fact that on many occasions, fauna, in general, has no one to defend it when it cannot do it alone, a large number of wild animals have been victims of traffic accidents and have perished in a way, sometimes dramatically as a result of constructions made. by a man that stands in the way of nature. In certain countries, however, they even go as far as building bridges and overpasses as well as others to help various types of animals cross to the other side of the road without being run over.

These structures are collectively called wildlife crossings and include tunnels, overpasses, bridges, and products. Here are some amazing wildlife crosses that can be found all over the world that help in your survival.

# 1 Ecoduct Borkeld, The Netherlands

This wildlife bridge was built across the A1 motorway in the forested hills, it is known as the Veluwe bridge. The structure is a design prepared by Zwarts & Jansma Architects.

#2 Puente Nutty Narrows, Washington

For more than 40 years, the bridge, conceived by Amos Peters, has been a popular landmark in Longview, Washington. In 1983 it underwent a thorough remodeling to reinforce it.

# 3 Crab Bridge, Christmas Island National Park, Australia

This aluminum bridge is located in Australian territory, on Christmas Island. The bridge was installed to protect the red crabs (Gecarcoidea natalis) during the great migration that takes place year after year on the island. In question.

# 4 Banff National Park, Canada

It is known as the park with the largest number of structures in the entire world to safeguard animals; It is the national park in Alberta, according to Parks Canada.

# 5 Bee Road, Norway

It is the first animal crossing structure made specifically for bees. The Oslo-based “Bee Highway” was built to protect endangered bees as well as other insects required for food production.

# 6 Turtle Tunnels, Japan

To prevent the turtles from being trapped on the train tracks, the Western Japan Railway Company came up with the idea of ​​making tunnels just for them.

# 7 Birkenau, Alemania

This animal crossing was built on the B38 motorway in Birkenau. So many kinds of species can pass through safely, even amphibians.

# 8 Tunnels of the Toads, Powys, Mid Wales

The toads enjoy adequate protection thanks to these tunnels that were designed and built for them.

# 9 Salamander Tunnels, Massachusetts

Perhaps because it is such a rare, strange animal with almost magical characteristics; the North American authorities decided to make tunnels so that they went from one side to another.

# 10 Elephant Underpass, Kenya

Of course, no one wants to meet a big, wild elephant on the road. It was therefore considered very prudent to build a corridor for them started by the Mount Kenya Trust with the help of the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, the Borana Conservancy, the Kenya Wildlife Service and the Kenya Forest Service.

Here are a few more images that show that the alliance between nature and human being is possible:

Bridge over Expressway, Singapore

Rope bridge in Victoria, Australia

Underground highway bear tunnel in Canada

Tunnel under road in Finland

Ecoducto and Holanda

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