10 People Who, Faced With The Gravity Of The Situation, Don’t Care.

There comes a point in life when everything stops making sense and nothing is more important. In some cases, this moment comes with age, in others, it’s always been like that sometimes, and sometimes again, it turns into a collective madness. Every day, we live by expectations and rules to which we are accustomed, with regard to which we no longer even ask ourselves questions. Well, these people are the breaking point with these rules which remind us why, in general, we tend to follow them

1. Their car flipped over, now’s the perfect time to pose for a photo.

2. “Don’t Worry About Grandma and Smile”

3. Problems?

4. Canceled night flight, no other solutions!

5. In theme!

6. Real artists don’t care what people think.

7. What good are two shoes after all?

8. So this is the computer course?

9. The centaur boss is him!

10. What were the white stripes on the road used for?

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