Modern technology is involving our lives, that we even forget the life before it. But the changes that have occurred in our lives are not really good for us. You need to remember that laptops, smart phones, video games or any other smart device can’t replace our family, friends or loved ones. Here are some illustrations that show our life in its true colors.

Bright Side needs you to think about the way we should go before it’s too late.

13. We feel lonely even near our loved ones.

12. We think that we can’t change anything on our own.

11. We easily judge others on social media.

10. We’re destroying our own home, the Earth.

9. We don’t notice the miracles around us.

8. Our oceans are crying out for help.

7. We’re trying to create an “ideal” life on social media.

6. There’s no more real talk between family members.

5. We believe in lies, even though deep inside we know the truth.

4. We just keep on complaining, instead of helping.

3. Our kids will never know a life without technology.

2. We’re consuming more and more of our precious resources.

1. We forgot the joy of reading real books.

If you notice any other positive or negative things that have appeared in the recent centuries you can mention them in the comment section below.