1 in 8 men said they take condoms to funerals because “you never know”

There are truths and aspects of reality that may tend to remain hidden and “unspoken”, but which are nevertheless very present and much more common than we think. Sometimes we are almost afraid of these kinds of things, even if we then receive confirmation of their prevalence, as happened in the case of the singular survey that we are going to tell you about.

What is it about? Proof that, for many men, funerals are not only occasions of sadness and farewell, but also and above all situations where one can make… sentimental conquests. No, we are not joking and we do not want to be irreverent: the research in question tells us about an “ally” specific that many men bring with them when invited to a funeral ceremony. Here’s which one.

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Condoms at funerals? Yes, please: this is how we can summarize what emerges from an online survey carried out by the American contraceptive brand “Trojan”, the ;one of the largest foreign companies producing these protections.

Even though the funeral setting may seem like the last place to attempt a conquest, it seems that many men are completely confident, so much so that the study showed that one in eight men under the age of 35 take a condom when going to pay their last respects to a family member or acquaintance. a>

The study involved about 2,000 American adults and brought to everyone’s attention a truth that many might have wanted to hide. In any case, it is curious to think about such a thing: obviously, the possibility of making sentimental encounters is something that, for many, does not oppose at all solemnity and sadness of a funeral.

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On the contrary, it is well known and proven that dating and physical relationships can be a great help in experiencing positive feelings and happiness. This certainly contributes to the decision to wear a condom, perhaps following the “just in case” thinking, good for all eventualities.

In summary: there are different ways of grieving (or relieving someone’s grief…), and this curious survey seems to have proven it. What do you think?

Source used: https://melmagazine.com/en-us/story/yes-grief-can-absolutely-make-you-horny

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