1 Euro Houses: An Initiative To Revive A Medieval Village Near Rome.

How much would you be willing to pay for a house in an old Italian village in Lazio, far from the hustle and bustle of the city? There are those who take loans, those who make investments, and those who are lucky enough to inherit a property: in Maenza, however, an initiative has been promoted that has already been carried out in other Italian villages: some houses are put up for sale for the derisory sum of one euro, with the aim of repopulating areas which are losing – slowly and more and more – their inhabitants.


image credit: Paolo Meo/Flickr

Maenza is an Italian commune in the province of Latina, in southern Lazio. A few kilometers from the Italian capital, Maenza is a small town offering panoramic views of the mountains and hills, ideal for those who wish to get away from the chaos of the city and immerse themselves in nature, in an ancient, evocative place. and fascinating. About a hundred houses are offered for sale for 1 euro: the only constraint is that buyers must undertake to renovate these houses within three years. following the purchase. They must also provide a deposit of around 5,000 euros at the time of purchase, which will be returned after the renovation. The houses, in fact, were built in the 18th century and most of them have been abandoned for years and are now uninhabitable. But Maenza offers many possibilities: it is a welcoming village, where there are many initiatives and where – in just half an hour – you can reach the beach. This is not the only municipality where this initiative is implemented: houses have also been sold at this price in Sicily.


image credit: pietro scerrato/Wikimedia Commons

Of course, you have to invest money in the compulsory renovation. But once the job is done, the satisfaction is certainly priceless: for a few thousand euros you can own a house in a charming Italian village. The mayor of the municipality, Claudio Sperduti, said: “Families and young people often leave the city to settle in larger houses in neighboring towns or in villas in the countryside, but there is always a new arrival to take their place, so it’s a balance. There are people who still live in the old quarter but who need a renovation, new oxygen. ” Potential buyers can check the city’s website to see which homes are for sale, and the mayor has announced that more homes will soon be on the market. An initiative, therefore, was created not only to repopulate the town but for it breathe new life into it .

source used: CNN

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